Created for Charter People by Charter People

Benefits of Joining


You and your staff deserve to have access to affordable quality health insurance and benefits.  CharterLIFE™ is the only statewide health Trust created specifically for charter people by charter people.

Our program has been designed to be FLEXIBLE.
Charter Schools experience common challenges such as; cash flow and start-up cost, serious space limitations, competition from districts for faculty and staff, and a lack of resources. These challenges translate into nearly every facet of the school, including the benefits program. CharterLIFE™ allows each school to customize their benefits program by offering a choice of several combinations of core and voluntary programs.

Our program has been designed to be COMPETITIVE.
Most charter schools spend an average of 72% of their budgets on salary and benefits!  As a result, many charter schools struggle with offering quality benefits, budget restrictions, attracting and retaining high quality staff needed to thrive as an organization. CharterLIFE™ offers competitive affordable benefit plans that will attract and retain employees from larger school district and organizations. The Trust allows you to join with thousands of other charter people when purchasing health insurance, significantly increasing your purchasing power.

Our program has been designed to be SIMPLE.
Charter Schools are in business to educate and provide a unique experience for our children, not to administer benefit programs. CharterLIFE™ makes the process simple for participating schools. With consolidated billing and eligibility management, along with COBRA administration, handled by the Trust, the faculty and staff can spend more time focusing on their core business of educating.

Our program is designed for YOU.
CharterLIFE™ was created by insurance experts and charter people who understand charter school's personnel, governance, and mission. Our goal is to provide access to quality benefits that will meet the needs of charter school staff, adequately address budget concerns, minimize administrative burden, and most important, listen to our members needs so we can advocate and they can EDUCATE!