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About CharterLIFE™ Benefit Trust

About California Charter Association Schools Employee Welfare Benefit Trust

Charter schools that participate in the CharterLIFE™ Trust will have the freedom to create and offer a benefits package that satisfies budgeting and staffing needs. Charter and insurance professionals negotiate with carriers to obtain benefits at a reasonable secure rate and design quality benefit plans.

We have partnered with leading insurance, charter, and business experts to develop and manage this program. In developing these relationships we are privileged to offer administrative support, billing, customized benefit options at a negotiated rate, and much more! We are dedicated to establishing high quality, lower priced options, and a broad array of health insurance products designed specifically for charter people.

Program Design

Our team understands the importance of attracting and retaining superior teaching professionals and staff. Our benefit plans are designed specifically for charter schools to be competitive with school districts. Our intimate understanding of charter school governance, their fiscal challenges and lack of resources in these challenging times has made us the premier trusted resource for California charter schools insurance benefits and resources. We are proud to be experts in providing benefits for all types of charter schools from large to small, start-up to well established, and geographically spread across the state.

We analyze specific school objectives and develop a strategy to create, implement and maintain a benefits program that is optimal from both the employer and employee's perspective, providing flexibility and access to major medical, dental, vision, life and disability carriers.

Cost Analysis

Did you know that benefits and salaries are the single largest expense for more than 90% of California charter schools? It's true! Most charter schools are spending more than 70% of their budget on benefits alone!

To obtain the most competitive rates available, CharterLIFE™ pools charter schools together provides alternative funding options, and acts as your advocate and liaison with the carriers. Our knowledge and negotiating skills are superior within our industry, and we have unlimited access to the most current market rates and plans, allowing you to make the most informed decision when selecting your benefits. Our cost analysis process is also designed to expedite the market comparison process as well as provide the support and transparency that charter school boards and authorizers need. The reality is, health insurance cost will continue to rise and the cost will inevitably be passed on to consumers. All the more reason why employers are implementing wellness programs, revaluating contributions and benefit allowances, and employees are becoming more accountable for their health.


Health insurance plans, underwriting, and rules continue to evolve and become more complicated to understand. We realize that charter schools have limited resources and time, so we created a solution. We provide every CharterLIFE™ member with a dedicated service team to support you and your staff. Your "team" consists of a senior benefits consultant, an account manager, and an account specialist to assist you in all aspects of your benefits. This team will be your HR director's primary contact for enrollment, billing, and customer service. We offer electronic billing, online employee self service, instant 24 hours access to reports and HR tools. Your enrollments are easy, informative, and hassle free with our customized step-by-step implementation process. We will attend board meetings, provide budget analysis, conduct on site enrollments, conduct webinars for staff and employees, and provide re-education updates throughout the year. And for those moments in between when HR questions arise or clarification is needed, every CharterLIFE™ member school is given complimentary access to a robust on-line HR advisory web site that gives you the answers you need when you need them.

The CharterLIFE™ is the only statewide health Trust exclusively serving California's charter schools.